Our story

It kind of happened by accident. It was a frigid Minneapolis morning and I was commuting into work on my bike like any other day, when all of a sudden, my front wheel slid on a sheet of ice and I crashed. My trusty mug (and hot coffee) hit the ground and the plastic handle shattered into a million pieces. I did what any other person would do—I brought my broken mug into my bike shop, scrambled around in a parts bin, pulled out a used brake lever and attached it. Voilà! The Coffee Brake Mug was born!

Since necessity is the mother of addiction ... er, invention ... what was a quick fix for me soon became a revolution. We made 20 and they sold in a week. We made 70 more and they sold out too. We made 1500 and they sold around the world. It was featured in magazines such as Cycling News, Momentum, Wired, Pedal Consumption and Velo News. The Coffee Brake has also been championed by the likes of mountain biking pioneer and cycling legend, Tom Ritchey.